Transgenic Mice from Cyagen: A Game-Changer for Disease Modeling and Drug Discovery

Are you tired of traditional disease modeling and drug discovery methods that offer limited results? Look no further than Transgenic mice from Cyagen. These genetically modified rodents are taking the scientific community by storm, providing a game-changing solution for studying human diseases and developing new treatments.

Manufacturing Principle of Transgenic mice

One of the most commonly used methods to make Transgenic mice is prokaryotic microinjection of DNA. Prokaryotic microinjection of DNA means injecting exogenous DNA into the pronucleus of fertilized eggs by microinjection, and the injected DNA is integrated into the genome of mouse fertilized eggs and stably passed on to future generations. The positive rate of gene expression in Transgenic mice prepared by DNA microinjection of PiggyBac system used by Saiye is more than twice that of conventional plasmid DNA microinjection!

Applications of Transgenic mice

One particularly important application of Transgenic mice is in disease modeling. By studying the effects of different compounds on Transgenic mice, scientists can better understand how these compounds might affect human physiology. This information can then be used to develop new treatments for human diseases.

Transgenic mice can also be applied in drug development. By studying how a particular compound affects Transgenic mice, scientists can better understand how this compound will work in humans. This information can then be used to develop safer and more effective drugs.


Transgenic mice from Cyagen provide a powerful resource for disease modeling and drug discovery. These mice allow researchers to study human diseases in much more detail than ever before, helping them to develop better treatment options as well as new insights into the causes of those disorders.

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