Protect your Ears with US Standard Products Cordless Orange Earplugs

The world we live in is filled with noise. For most people, however, noise exposure is very limited. This is not true for those who work in certain occupations. Workers who work in agriculture, construction, or manufacturing can be exposed to noises that could cause hearing damage.

US Standard Products is committed to safety. Our safety products are a source of pride for us and the team is committed to creating safer workplaces. We offer a range of US Standard Products earplugs for hearing protection.

We will be covering some important aspects of hearing protection in this article. Also, we will provide information about the best foam earplugs from US Standard Products.

When should you wear hearing protection?

You need hearing protection if you are exposed for a prolonged period to loud noise. Employers are required to have a policy in place for hearing protection when the noise level is at or above 85 decibels over an average of eight hours.

For a comparison, an average conversation is about 60 decibels. This is lower than the 85 decibel threshold. A cordless drill emits about 90-95 decibels while it is running.

Ear Plugs

There are two main options for hearing protection: ear muffs or ear plugs. The choice of which option you choose is often determined by the preferences of the person wearing it. For many reasons, however, workers prefer earplugs to ear muffs.

They are easy to transport and convenient. Plugs can be easily paired with other types safety equipment because they are small and fit in the ear. They are also more comfortable when working in heat. If it is hot and humid, they don’t get so sweaty and dirty.

US Standard Products Foam ear Plugs

The US Standard Products Online Shop has a wide selection of high-quality safety equipment. Our foam earplugs are part of this wide range.

The perfect solution for noisy workplaces is US Standard Products foam-earplugs. These earplugs are comfortable and provide protection for the ears.

Low-pressure, slow-recovery foam fits snugly in the ear to provide optimal protection. The bright orange color makes it easy to identify for compliance with hearing protection requirements at work. They are flame and moisture-resistant and have a Noise Reduction Ratio (NRR 29 dB).

US Standard Products is more than just a supplier of safety products. We are committed to creating safer workplaces in America by spreading education and awareness. You can find out more by visiting US Standard Products Pinterest boards. You can also find us on the US Standard Products Facebook Page, the US Standard Products Tweet or the US Standard Products LinkedIn Profile.

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