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Discover the JK-60-GB-NR230Z Jockey Wheel by DNL

In the world of trailer accessories, finding the perfect wheel jack can be a game-changer. Enter the JK-60-GB-NR230Z, a remarkable jockey wheel designed and manufactured by DNL. This article unveils the features, specifications, and applications of this exceptional product.

Features that Stand Out

Ergonomic Excellence: The JK-60-GB-NR230Z boasts an ergonomic knob that offers an effortless operating experience. You won’t feel any tiredness when using it, making it a top choice for those who want convenience and ease in maneuvering trailers.

Concise and Strong Bracket: The bracket design is a standout feature of this jockey wheel. It’s simple yet incredibly robust. This innovative design ensures that your trailer remains stable during use, giving you peace of mind on the road.

Tri-Corn Rim Stability: Stability is crucial when it comes to trailer accessories. The tri-corn rim on this jockey wheel enhances stability, making it reliable and dependable for a wide range of applications.

Applications Abound

The versatility of the JK-60-GB-NR230Z makes it suitable for a wide range of trailers, including box trailers, horse trailers, flat trailers, caravans, construction trailers, livestock trailers, transportation trailers, and commercial trailers, among others. No matter the application, this jockey wheel delivers the performance and reliability you need.


In the world of trailer accessories, the JK-60-GB-NR230Z jockey wheel from DNL is a true standout. With its ergonomic design, robust bracket, and stability-enhancing features, it offers a level of performance that’s hard to beat. Whether you’re towing a caravan or transporting goods, this jockey wheel is up to the task, providing you with the convenience and dependability you deserve.

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