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Setting the Standard among Dental Implant Companies

By offering prosthetic restorations that can be directly screwed onto the implant or a screw-retained abutment, Eurasia Dental Lab ensures a secure and reliable solution for patients seeking optimal dental implant outcomes.

Streamlined Maintenance and Repair Process

Eurasia Dental Lab’s screw-retained implants prioritize patient convenience by offering a streamlined maintenance and repair process. When maintenance or repair is necessary, these implants can be easily removed, allowing for efficient and effective procedures. Patients benefit from a simplified experience, knowing that their restorations can be addressed promptly and with minimal disruption to their daily routines.

Minimal Interocclusal Space for Enhanced Comfort

Eurasia Dental Lab’s screw-retained implants feature a minimal amount of interocclusal space, contributing to patient comfort. This design element ensures that the prosthetic restoration fits comfortably within the oral cavity without causing discomfort or interference with the natural bite. Patients can enjoy a restoration that feels natural and allows for a seamless transition between the implant and adjacent teeth.


As one of the leading dental implant companies, Eurasia Dental Lab sets the standard with their exceptional solutions, including screw-retained implants. Their focus on excellence shines through in their streamlined maintenance and repair process, providing patients with a convenient experience. Additionally, their implants prioritize patient comfort with minimal interocclusal space, ensuring a restoration that feels natural and comfortable. Choose Eurasia Dental Lab for dental implant solutions that combine innovation, patient-centered care, and outstanding results.

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