Arqit and Juniper Networks, two industry leaders, join forces to combat cybercrime

What happens when quantum encryption technology leaders and networking technology leaders form an alliance to defend against security threats? That’s what you get, cybercriminals’ worst nightmare!

Security threats to Border Gateway Protocols (BGP), and SD-WAN are ever-present. Arqit, quantum encryption experts, and Juniper Networks network tech leaders came up with a solution. According to the rumors, they just signed a “Technology Alliance Partner Connect” agreement which will make networks more secure against future and current quantum security threats.

Wait, what’s a Technology Alliance Partner Connect agreement?

The Technology Alliance Partner Agreement, also known as TAP, basically means Arqit or Juniper have teamed up to create and deliver a common solution. This partnership will provide interoperability testing and marketing support to shared customers. This means that instead of trying to combine solutions from two companies, we can get a solution that brings together the strengths of both.

What are they doing?

Arqit will work with Juniper to demonstrate the seamless integration and applicability of Arqit’s QuantumCloud(tm product to address quantum security threats to Border Gateway Protocols and SD-WAN. It sounds like a great way to do it!

Who are Arqit & Juniper?

Arqit is an innovator in quantum encryption, just in case you didn’t know or are new to tech. It’s known for supplying a unique quantum encryption Platform-as-a-Service solution that makes communication links of ANY networked device secure against forms of attack – that’s including current and future forms of attack (we’re talking quantum computers here people). QuantumCloud(tm), Arqit’s flagship product, can create cryptographically secure keys in partnership to any other device. The best part is that these keys are not available until they are needed. This makes them completely unknowable to third parties. It’s easy to see why these keys are the best in business.

Juniper, a networking wizard based in sunny California is Juniper! Juniper’s report card reveals that Juniper has been involved in the marketing and development of network products, including switches, routers, network management software and network security products. Juniper was founded in 1996 and initially focused on core routers. These routers are used by internet service providers for IP address lookups as well as direct internet traffic. Juniper has been focusing its efforts on innovation in recent years, developing software-defined networking products. This will allow the company to continue its mission of powering the connections that matter.

Why should I care so much about the partnership?

If you are a user of the internet (which you most likely are if you’re reading this), then you will interact with Border Gateway Protocol (BGP). This is sometimes called the postal service for the internet. BGP is the core of internet operation. The postal service must process a letter sent by someone and determine the most efficient way to deliver it to its destination. The same applies to data online. BGP is responsible for determining the best route to take when you send data over the internet. This often means that you have to hop between smaller networks, which is what the internet is known for.

BGP can be hijacked by cybercriminals. They will use a legitimate prefix to divert traffic to their network so that it is forwarded to them instead of to its intended destination. Hackers will keep the data to decrypt at another time, posing a threat to network users.

But, you don’t need to panic because the alliance between Arqit & Juniper will protect against such attacks. Hooray. Network providers such as Juniper can match up software-defined networks and dynamically provision networks. This allows them to offer strong, active authentication through a quantum secure key swap mechanism.

This partnership will make SD-WAN networks even more secure against both today’s threats and future threats (don’t forget about quantum). I know that I cannot wait to see the results from Arqit’s and Juniper’s collaboration, so make sure you stay tuned to find out how they can make networking technology safer for all of us.

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