The Best Crypto Coins to Online

Gamblers online have a lot to choose from with the increase in cryptocurrency. For those who prefer cryptocurrencies to traditional online payment methods, there are now dozens of options. And if you’re looking to play with your coins in new ways, there’s no end!

Our most popular article is about crypto-currency gambling – The Rise of Crypto. So we thought it would be useful to compile this list of some of our favorite crypto coins and tokens so that they can all see their options.


Bitcoin, the most widely used cryptocurrency in the world is the best option for gamblers and many other online and offline businesses. Although there are some drawbacks, Bitcoin is easy to use and accessible. Even beginners can do it! It has a network of ATMs worldwide and exchange partners around the world. Bitcoin is great for gambling but diversifying your cryptocurrency portfolio is a good idea.


Vitalik Buterin founded Ethereum in 2013. It is currently the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capital and is used by many online casino sites as their base cryptocurrency. ETH can be mined just like Bitcoin, but it has key differences that make the cryptocurrency more appealing to gamblers who value anonymity. These include the ability to keep smart contracts that act independently to process deposits and payouts and communicate with other parties, without any third party. Due to its limited supply, ETH is a store of value and is accepted by hundreds of online casinos.


Dogecoin, another strong contender for the top spot among altcoins’ legitimacy, was founded in 2013. However, it still enjoys wide popularity due to its low transaction costs and large user base. Dogecoin, like other coins on the list, also has decentralized mining. This means that no one person or group can control the creation of new coins. These advantages and the speed of transactions make DOGE a popular currency for online gambling.


Litecoin is often referred to as the “silver to Bitcoin’s gold”, even though it has existed almost as long as BTC, but has not achieved the same status despite sharing many of the same features. The best thing about LTC is its acceptance by hundreds of casinos. There are two main drawbacks to LTC: mining is more complicated than with newer cryptos, which means that you will pay more per coin. Also, there aren’t nearly as many exchange partners or ATMs available for Litecoin as there are for Bitcoin.

Litecoin was an altcoin created in the early days of Bitcoin. It was forked from the Bitcoin blockchain. However, some experts still believe it is too closely linked to Bitcoin. It’s less anonymous than Bitcoin but it has faster transactions speeds and lower fees.

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Monero, a relatively new cryptocurrency platform, was launched in 2014. It immediately attracted the attention of online gamblers due to its strong emphasis on anonymity. It is much harder to track transactions than other top crypto coins such as BTC or ETH. This makes Monero a popular choice for people who value privacy. Monero’s encryption protocols are strong and secure. This means that your funds are protected from hacking or theft, unlike other coins.


These coins are the best for anyone who wants to use cryptocurrency as a gambling platform. However, this list is not exhaustive. There are over 1,300 cryptocurrency on the market, as well as dozens of tokens and coins that cater to specific niches in the gambling industry.

If you want to ensure you are getting the best altcoin for you needs, you will need to do more research. We hope that this article has helped you to get started.

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