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SmallRig RC 350D COB LED Video Light: Flexible Control and Creative Lighting

SmallRig’s RC 350D COB LED Video Light provides flexible control options and the ability to create captivating lighting effects. With three control methods, including a built-in light switch, SmallGoGo App compatibility, and an optional control panel, you can easily adjust the lighting settings to your liking. The video light’s Bowens mount allows for the attachment of various light-control accessories, enabling you to explore creative lighting techniques. Elevate your videography with SmallRig’s RC 350D COB LED Video Light, compatible with their camera cages, and unlock endless possibilities for dynamic and visually stunning portable COB lighting setups.

Three Control Options

SmallRig presents the RC 350D COB LED Video Light, offering versatile control options to meet your specific needs. With three different control methods, you can easily tailor the lighting settings to suit your preferences and shooting scenarios.

The video light can be controlled via the built-in light switch, allowing for quick and convenient adjustments on the fly. Simply toggle the switch to adjust the brightness and other settings effortlessly.

Bowens Mount for Creative Lighting

SmallRig understands the importance of creative lighting in videography. The RC 350D COB LED Video Light features a versatile Bowens mount, allowing you to explore a variety of light-control accessories.

Attach softboxes, reflectors, and other modifiers effortlessly to the video light using the Bowens mount. This compatibility opens up a world of possibilities for creating diverse lighting effects and enhancing your creative vision. Whether you’re aiming for soft and diffused lighting or more directional and focused illumination, the Bowens mount enables you to achieve the desired effects with ease.


SmallRig’s RC 350D COB LED Video Light offers flexible control options and the ability to create captivating lighting effects. Choose your preferred control method, whether it’s the built-in light switch, the SmallGoGo App, or the optional control panel, and enjoy the convenience and customization it offers. Combine that with the versatility of the Bowens mount, and you have the perfect lighting solution to elevate your videography to new heights.

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