Meet the Lego Voiceover Artist in London

Ever wanted to meet the man behind Lego Company’s famous voice? If Lego commercials are what have attracted you the most, then surely the man behind them will. Martin Allanson is the British voiceover artist who has won hearts all over the world with his voice.

To be able to understand the industry’s dynamics and top stars, you need to have a strong connection with it. Voiceover is a somewhat hidden industry, so many people don’t know much about the studios that house them.

They are the voices we hear on our radios and television screens every day. They love talking about our favorite products. They are the voices behind many of our favorite faces. How well do we know the true artist behind the faces we see and the voices we hear?

Many people are unaware of the heroes behind some of our favorite characters. We are unaware of the foundation of entertainment and visual brands that we love.

This blog will feature the man behind Lego, one of the UK’s most accomplished and talented voiceover artists.

Martin Allanson

Martin Allanson, an English voiceover artist, owns a recording studio in Wembley. Martin Allanson’s remarkable journey began at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama where he was trained as an actor.

His fifteen-year career in London’s voiceover industry spans over 15 years. He continues to be the voice of many large media companies even today. Martin’s warm, confident and captivating vocals are a favorite among clients and listeners all over the globe.

His success is perhaps due to his ability to sound like the guy next to him and to help people relate to what he’s talking about. His career began on stage and screen. His unique ability to bring a script to life quickly made him a fan.

Martin approached voice acting the same way. He brought the script to life for the audience. People from six continents can relate to Martin.

Martin’s Unique Approach

Martin’s approach is always simple. Martin works directly with clients and spends the time to get to know them and the character they are looking for. The voiceover actor has a remarkable turnaround time, often completing projects in four hours.

This is evident in his website and the friendship he shares with many industry clients with whom he has been working for more than fifteen years.

Last Thoughts

Martin Allanson is a leading voiceover artist for males in the UK. Since 2018, he has been based at Wembley in London and continues to work at a recording studio there. As you listen to the confident and warm notes that the masses love, you will instantly recognize his voice.

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