Instructions on How to Check Bookmaker Odds to Conquer the Sports Lobby

What is New88today bookmaker odds? This is a question we have received from many new players recently. Instead of betting based on luck and emotions, making bets will increase the winning rate very high. Let’s find out general information in our article below!

Introducing New88 sports hall

First, to learn about bookmaker odds, bettors should follow us to exploreNew88 sports hall What’s interesting? This bookmaker is often considered an alternative online sports betting platform to the Bong88 brand.

Only a short time after its appearance, this unit quickly became the top choice for the community of players passionate about soccer betting. The website will provide a direct link toNew88 home page and promises to bring the best experience to every player.

The interface of this house is designed similar to Bong88 from layout to function and page loading speed. At the same time, the betting field here is also improved in speed to help ensure the player’s experience takes place quickly and modernly.

With a series of popular sports betting products such as football, hockey, rugby, basketball, tennis, horse racing,… the house is committed to bringing the ultimate experience and diversity in entertainment options. Betting.

In addition, we also provide bookmaker betting services with basic odds such as European, Asian, O/U,… Besides, there are many types of side bets that bettors cannot miss. such as scorer bets, corner kick bets, penalty cards, injured players, etc. Therefore, we guarantee that when betting here, you will never feel bored!

What is house odds?

In popular sports such as basketball, table tennis and especially football, the term “house odds” is probably too familiar to the player community. To put it simply, these are the figures that the house provides through offering different types of betting odds. This rate will be adjusted to be safe for both the house and participating players.

Players will conduct house betting when collecting and analyzing information related to the bets of the two competing teams. Then, based on this information, you will use the odds to choose the appropriate bet and bet according to your personal wishes.

At reputable bookmakers like New88, odds will be provided with high quality based on the research of experienced experts. Through that, bettors will have more information and make accurate choices when participating in sports betting.
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Instructions on how to predict house odds from New88 experts

So how can you conquer the sports betting lobby at New88 bookmaker? We won’t let you wait too long, we will share information about bookmaker odds from experts right away below:

Monitor betting tables & volatility

To have a high winning rate, you should bet on low-ranked teams in the house betting statistics table. For example, if you notice that a strong team’s handicap is increasing, say, from 1 to ¾ within the first 3 hours of a match then this may be an opportunity for the bettor to place a bet. Conversely, if there are only 30 minutes left in the match and the odds are increasing, this is the ideal time to bet on low-ranked teams.

From there, it can be seen that monitoring the fluctuations in odds when betting on bookies will bring great benefits when you clearly understand this changing process and evaluate the match situation. This way, players can seize the opportunities that appear and make smart betting decisions to win big.

Based on the playing squad

First of all, observing the starting lineup of both teams is an extremely important factor when evaluating the match and betting on the bookies. By mastering information about the squad, players will have a clear view of each team’s strengths and weaknesses, attack and defense capabilities as well as the roles of key players that affect the results. match.

How to place soccer bets correctly to help win big

In particular, the time 30 minutes before halftime is often an important time when surrounding factors can affect the fluctuation of odds. Therefore, capturing updated information during this period helps bettors have a more comprehensive and accurate view of the match situation.

In addition, observing the lineup also helps bettors deduce and predict the final result accurately. Teams with excellent players and a stable playing style often have a high chance of winning against weak opponents. Therefore, you can use the bookmaker’s betting information about the team as a basis to have a smart betting strategy.

Don’t trust the team above too much

When looking at house odds, many experts have realized that the team with the higher odds cannot always win. However, there are many beginners who make the mistake of thinking like that.

Usually in handicaps, the team with the higher handicap will be evaluated better. Perhaps that’s why many players often assume that choosing this team will have a higher winning rate. However, according to the conclusions of experts, not all situations are like that. To be able to choose smart bets, it is best for bettors to make an overall assessment of the two teams participating in the competition.

Choose good bets when betting

The skill of choosing “Aromatic Odds” when betting will also have a great impact when you make house bets. These attractive odds often appear at specific times such as first half odds, full match odds of 0.5 and remain the same for about 30 minutes before the match or when the status of the two teams has a difference. quite a big difference. That’s why players need to be sensitive and knowledgeable about the match situation to be able to take advantage of opportunities that appear and make the right betting decisions.

Find out the statistics before the match

One of the richest and most diverse sources of information that you can take advantage of is online soccer betting forums. When betting on bookmakers and consulting information, you can gain knowledge from experts who specialize in soccer betting and even chat with other players.

Therefore, do not hesitate to ask questions and share the information you possess. Through that, bettors can share information as well as learn a lot of useful knowledge when betting on sports.


Through a few waysbookmaker odds As you can see above, finding information is not as difficult as you might think. Therefore, be confident in researching and learning to bet and win big prizes at our New88 Sports!

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