Cleva Thoughts – Meet Cleva, a talented artist

You hear of a few artists who are gifted in every way possible.

Cleva Thoughts is this type of artist.

Cleva Thoughts was born to Gina (New York) and Russell (Bronx). Cleva says she was exposed to many types of music, including Latino, R-N-B and House. However, Cleva also mentions that Hip-Hop was an influence in her early years.

Cleva has been a huge fan of Hip-Hop culture since childhood.

“I couldn’t stop reciting LL Cool J Around The Way Girl. The heavy chains and be-boy dance moves impressed me. New York City’s streets are so inspiring.

Cleva recollects that she was 15 years old when she began free styling and recording with her friends in Palmer Park. This time in her life is a turning point for Cleva. She believes it was the moment when she was able refine her style, delivery, and technique into something extraordinary. Cleva Thoughts is a prolific artist today, with hundreds of songs she shares on social media with her loyal fans.

Cleva Thought was a dedicated musician and had many shows before the pandemic. In addition to being featured in Tech N9Ne’s magazine, Thought was also featured on several underground radio stations (Rolling with Swanny River). Cleva Thoughts, a Strayer University undergraduate, is not only an artist full-time but also a student pursuing her Bachelor’s degree.

The young, passionate individual is adamant that talent can come in many shapes and sizes. Cleva Thoughts is not only a musician, writer, and performer of music, but also does graphic design, web development and video editing. She also photographs and markets. Cleve Thoughts knows that you need to know how to do everything in order to be able to do it all.

Cleva Thoughts, the owner of Box The Mic Entertainment describes herself as:

“A lyricist, lover of words, an old soul, and a vibrant energy trying understand the world around. I pledge to be observant of the cultures around and to try to understand them. As an artist and as a human, there is so much more to be learned. I will keep writing about anything that crosses my mind. I hope you join my journey. We appreciate your support and encouragement.

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