The best way to make a statement is with watches. Watches are essential for army personnel. They must be durable and strong enough to withstand the challenges and rough training. The best watch to use for basic training should be durable, waterproof, resistant to water, and stylish so they can complement the personality of the soldier.

These watches are excellent for basic training because they have been designed to withstand harsh and difficult conditions. They are made with the strongest and most durable materials to ensure that they last a long time without any damage.

This is the definitive list of the best watches for basic training, after hours of research and review.

1# G–Shock RANGEMAN GW -9400 Military Watch

G-Shock RANGEMAN was designed to withstand the rigorous training of the army. It has been specially made to withstand shock and water, making it durable enough to last through army basic training.

It’s also constructed in a way to protect the watch against mechanical shocks. This watch can withstand extreme cold temperatures as well as the heat of deserts. The watch also includes a compass, which can be used to help trainees find their way in unfamiliar situations.

Casio Men’s GW – 9400B JS G-Shock Master G Rangeman Digital Solar Carbon Fiber Insert Watch

Casio Men’s G-shock watch is durable. It not only shows time and directions but also displays temperature and humidity levels. This helps trainees to adapt to the environment and be prepared for it.

This watch can be used for training, swimming, boxing, hiking, and other outdoor activities. You can also add up to five alarms to help you keep track of the time.

3# Timex Men’s T5E901 Ironman Classic 30-Gray/Black Resin Strap Watch

Timex Men is the most durable watch available at an affordable price. The Timex Men watch is elegant and has a leather and nylon strap. This watch is waterproof and features an Indigo light-up function that allows you to see in the dark.

This watch is military-grade and includes a stopwatch and a timer. It can be set up to three alarms. It is a great watch for military training because of its reliability.


These watches are the best for basic training. These watches are strong, waterproof, and provide multiple functions to help young soldiers in harsh conditions. These watches are durable and robust.

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